Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A letter from Evelia

This isn't a photograph per se (unless you count a scanner as a type of camera), but it's something I wanted to share. Karen and I have been sponsoring an eight year old child in Africa through Compassion International for a while. The correspondence takes quite a while to get to us, but we enjoy writing letters back and forth. Monday we got a great letter. You can either click the images below to view them larger (which I reccomend) or read the text below.

Letter dated 12/10/2008: "Evelia is very happy to write to you. She says that she hopes you are all well in the LORD. and is very thankful for your continued support. She is equally happy that your a year old in marriage. She wishes you a happy marriage life. Evelia is happy to inform you that she received your birthday gift. She used them to buy; rubber shoes, beans, maize, a goat, and rope for handling goat. The goat is her favorite. it eats bush!! The family was very happy for you. Before they started eating, they took time to pray for you. She asks when your birthday will be. She says, she received your card and stickers. They are in her home. About her village, she says it in Kenya, Nyanza Province, Rarieda District at a placed called Nyagoko. It is in a hilly ground and she can see other areas. Why do they not allow you to have a dog? she asks, are they afraid.
Evelia says she is doing well in school and wants to be number 1. She says she will pray for you. She concludes by wishing you a merry-x-mass. Bye Bye!"

A goat! I just think it's really cool that before she didn't have a goat and now she does. If anyone would like to get me a goat for my birthday, you are more than welcome to.

This is the region in which Evelia lives

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