Monday, March 2, 2009

Music for a Failed Economy

When we all went to check out the stuff at the Ann Arbor Art Center, we went not really sure what we were going to see since we'd only seen it on an ArborWeb listing. The art from two days ago (the swoopy thing for lack of a better word) was made using a 3d printer. The flat face of it was taking from digital images around campus and then swooped in to make a long combination. Here, this photo explains it better.

In my opinion, the coolest thing was Music from a Failed Economy, which was made up of 5 different organs that played themselves. You flip the on switch and a series of turning pieces of wood hit the keys at the right times. It's pretty great.I was hoping that I'd be able to find a video online, but there are 0 search results for "Music for a Failed Economy" so you'll have to put up with the horrible audio quality of my phone to get a small idea of what it was like. It doesn't sound so discordant in person.

Next time I just gotta bring the actual video camera.

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